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Tyler Nicholetts Group Coaching




A Group or Teams environment can be a great fit for those who are starting to crack themselves open while being curious to learning from shared experiences and perspectives. As someone who has benefitted tremendously from a group or team setting, I can vouch for the powerful impact it can have on your personal & professional growth. Let's work together to bring your vision to life.

Tyler Nicholetts Coaching


If you've always thrived in group environments this may be the exact push you've been looking for!  Book your Right Fit Call below so we can discuss where you or your group are today while collaborating on your vision in a group setting.

Common Results


If you're looking to prioritize self development, ignite mental resilience and cultivate a growth mindset, then my Group setting will be perfect for you. It's time to unlock your full potential and achieve more than you ever thought possible. Join our community of like-minded individuals and contribute to the collective success of the group.


  • A strong sense of how you want to show up for yourself and others.

  • Saboteurs exposed and hijackings controlled with Sage mental muscles

  • Deeper relationship and connection with yourself and a group home team to collaborate with.

  • Clear on your internal and external missions.

  • Defined core values to operate from and a meaningful purpose to fuel your actions. 

Tyler Nicholetts Group Coaching


My group package is centered around bi-weekly sessions. I use a Socratic questioning style designed to stimulate critical thinking, encourage self-reflection that leads to deeper understanding. The program sequence is as follows unless we've created a bespoke program for you and your group:​​

  • ORGANIZING YOUR MIND - Empowering your experience of life. Understanding your thinking patterns, your saboteurs, your triggers, the consequences on your emotions, your behaviours, and the autopilot reaction when an event happens in your life.

  • BIOENGINEERING - A deep dive into your identity; what you believe to be true about yourself and how that dictates your habits. Our work together will help you sift through some of the bullshit rules inherited from society, borrowed identity from other important figures in your life and more. The end result will be a consciously defined identity that improves your daily habits and overall outlook on life. 

  • CONNECTEDNESS - Gaining an understanding of self and how to live a life on purpose. We'll discuss what gives you joy and guide you on how to use it to create a more fulfilled life. This group approach emphasizes connectedness and focuses on the WHY behind everything we do. It’s not a place to get to, it's a place to come from. 

  • PRESENCE - Fully embodied in the NOW, with nothing in between you, your beingness and your listening. You will not be stuck in your past or worried about your future.

What's included?
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  • In depth intake process

  • Disruptor session

  • Bi-weekly 2 hour sessions

  • 1:1 spotlight moments

  • Pre-session work

  • Accountability work and exercises

  • Access via text or voice note Monday to Saturday

  • 6 phase meditation sessions

  • Immense amount of tools and resources

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Tyler Nichoeltts Coaching

You are the only problem you will ever have, and you are the only solution. Change is inevitable, personal growth is always a personal decision. Most people are not going after what they want.


Tyler Nicholetts Coaching


Joining a group environment can be a transformative experience. If you are someone that is prioritizing self development, have a growth mindset, want to start achieving your full potential while reducing stress, you're in the right place. As a group we will focus on an integrative lifestyle concentrating on your long term health, personal and professional growth while showing up authentically to create a rich relationship with yourself and others in your life. If you thrive in group environments and enjoy contributing to collective consciousness my 12-week package offers a unique opportunity to grow with others in a supportive, structured environment.


I will provide coaching, guidance, direction, advisory, mentorship and accountability, while also letting you do the work to achieve your goals. If you're ready to make a change, let's talk and see if group environment is right for you.

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