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Tyler Nicholettes Coaching



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I've had the pleasure of being a guest on a variety of platforms and enjoyed fantastic conversations on each of them.


I invite you to listen in and see for yourself to learn a little more about how I role to show up for myself and others.


More to be loaded here soon. As always, please join the conversation!


I'm grateful to have worked with incredible people in the worlds of business, athletics, and personal growth. It's been an honour to be a part of their journeys, where we competed, we engaged in powerful conversations and created lasting connections.


I'm proud to say that so many have achieved incredible results, unlocking potential and realizing many of their dreams while they had an everlasting impact on me too.


Please read on for an insiders look into my character, leadership, results and impacts.


Tyler is genuine and authentic and leads with his heart. Combined with his professional leadership, experience and people first values, he is a powerful force. Tyler is a role model and inspiration for leading with vulnerability and living authentically.


If you looked up Integrity in the dictionary, you would see Tyler in the definition. And he walks his talk as a great coach.


Tyler Nicholetts is the best coach our son has ever had! 

We are glad that our son, Pat, had Tyler coaching him in both hockey and baseball from a very early age. We were so happy to see how our son rose both physically and mentally to the challenges and expectations Tyler set for his players and team. The setting provided was positive, patient, and structured.


Our son came to understand the importance of sportsmanship and respect both on and off the ice/field. We have seen our son apply the lessons he learned with Tyler in real life situations in handling people's feelings and how to work as a team member. Tyler helped the kids be able to take both wins and losses in positive, productive and respectful ways. 

We as parents, and our son as a player are thankful for the wonderful life lessons and methods Tyler taught and demonstrated as a coach. Our son loves sports more for it, and is a happier person for having had such a great coach in Tyler!


The progression into coaching is something that I am so excited to see for Tyler, but mostly for his future clients. I was fortunate enough to have Ty as my regional manager in a previous sales role. I grew so much from working with him.

Ty is lighthearted, yet thoughtful. He is an incredible cheerleader but also guides you into self-reflection. He employs the utmost integrity but also loves big laughs. Tyler saw my personal strengths and unique value and mirrored them back for me to appreciate.  He helped me see where I could improve and offered valuable guidance on how to shift my processes where needed. No leader has ever left me more confident and empowered.


I’ve known Tyler for the better part of 5+ years and was first introduced to him as the coach of my son’s house league hockey team.  I volunteered as a parent to assist him and got to know him not only as a hockey coach but also as a friend beyond the rink since.

As a coach, Tyler brought sincere enthusiasm to the encouragement and development of these young players.  His efficacious demeanor on and off the ice brought the players to a heightened level of passion and understanding for the game while also strengthening their technical skills.  Tyler created a team environment that instilled appreciation for your team mates, to have fun and to respect sportsmanship of the game, while also maintaining a healthy dose of willingness to compete.

Tyler is the type of person you can count on to face any situation with a positive mindset and a smile on his face.  It’s contagious, but one of the many reasons I have kept close to Tyler since our time coaching is that he is a great listener, always interested while also being interesting.  He brings his perspective on anything in a wise and thoughtful manner, always in line with his very high level of integrity.  He genuinely shares his desire to set big goals, define a clear path to achieving them while having faith and persistence to get there.  A great coach, leader, friend and family man.


I got to know Tyler Nicholetts a little over 2 yrs ago when he volunteered as head coach for my sons U11 minor hockey team. I was helping out as team manager with another mom and right away I was impressed with the energy and commitment he had for our team. 

Tyler always encouraged the kids to bring their best self both on and off the ice. He was creative with celebrating their hardwork of both wins and the losses. Tyler recognized the kids had lots of emotions for the game and helped them express it in a positive way. 

Tyler's son is not playing with our hockey association this year, I have had several conversations with other hockey families about how they are missed around the rink. Tyler definitely left a mark on our hockey community.


Tyler is exceptional at establishing positive connections with anyone he meets. He worked with me to ensure

I had the necessary tools to develop the required skills for my professional success. He did so in a supportive and non-judgemental way.  Tyler held me to task which is an important part in the journey to reach and surpass goals.


My son Aidan is twelve years old and has played community ice hockey in Calgary since he was five for the Glenlake Minor Hockey Club. Our family had the opportunity to meet Tyler when Aidan was ten playing U11 hockey. Tyler was Aidan’s head-coach and he would remain his coach for his final year of U11 and first year of U13.

I have a deep respect for those coaches who over the years have dedicated their time and conveyed their energy and passion to my son Aidan and his teammates. But undoubtedly, the coach that I most respect and admire is Tyler Nicholetts.

I’m a business owner and admit, not always the best at coaching and mentoring others. When I observe that skill in someone like Tyler it really impresses me. I’ve learned a lot. Tyler is passionate about hockey and brings a real depth of knowledge of the game, but what he offers as a coach outweighs his technical prowess.

I think Tyler the person is where to start when assessing Tyler the coach. It’s his personal integrity and character which is impactful to his teams and makes him a great coach. The kids feel that integrity and they respond to it. Now Tyler is definitely personally driven and goal orientated and wants to see his teams perform well, but he conveys his passion in a way that is authentic and generous that builds a high level of trust with the players on his teams. That trust allows Tyler to push his players to rapidly develop over the season and achieve a much higher level of performance. For Aidan, he greatly improved as a hockey player with Tyler as a coach, with both his self-confidence and hockey ability. The team also grew with him, which for U11 in 2022, resulted in a South Calgary City Championship.

I’m really excited that Tyler is courageously pursuing his personal coaching passion as a career. I understand that Tyler has for a number of years been continuously studying the achieving accreditations in his profession, which can only augment what I have personally witnessed, a really respectable, authentic person who’s also a fantastic coach.


Tyler is an exceptional individual who genuinely cares for others and values "real" human interaction. He is never afraid to share a great laugh. Tyler is an attentive listener who remembers the smallest details shared with him, even if it was mentioned several years ago. I am often amazed at the things he brings up that were shared with him several years ago. His unwavering interest in what I have to say makes me feel truly heard and appreciated. Tyler gets people!

What I admire most about Tyler is that he celebrates the successes of others as if they were his own. He has a deep understanding of the importance of building strong relationships in all facets of life, including business, and recognizes that people are the foundation of any culture. Tyler brings an infectious energy to everything he does and enthusiastically embraces the unique qualities of each individual before him. He was the one who first showed me that work could be both productive and fun, and that success is best shared with those around us.

Tyler is a rare gem, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked with him and have him as a friend. Anyone who has had the privilege of working with him will quickly realize that he is a true professional who genuinely cares for the people around him. I wholeheartedly recommend Tyler - he is simply a genuine person who exudes confidence and positivity.


Our son was fortunate to have Tyler as his hockey coach for two seasons. Tyler was organized, authentic and passionate about bringing the best out of the team in a positive environment.   We could see the results from his efforts, with the group working better together than any individual effort could have done. Some great formative years for our son, who experienced  important life lessons in the power of commitment, accountability, and teamwork.”


I had the pleasure of being an assistant coach along side Tyler, for the U13 Div 5 2022/23 season.  Tyler has an unmatched dedication to his coaching of the young humans. His commitment to the team and to each individual on the team was refreshing to observe. Tyler strived to get the most out of each player not only on the ice but mentally as a developing young mind. Tyler would work hard to adapt and determine what was and what was not working so that changes could be made to lead to ultimate success.


Tyler cultivates a positive work environment, often with some good ole laughs and fun amongst the team. His sincerity and approachability make tackling challenges a breeze, consistently yielding excellent results. Tyler excels at bringing together individuals with diverse personalities to accomplish shared objectives.  


I have worked with many coaches over the years, but it has been very seldom that I have encountered one as committed to personal growth, team growth, and overall maximizing of potential, as is Tyler. In a cynical world, his earnestness and passion strike you immediately. In a very short time, you realize his authenticity is in no way a smokescreen, but rather a true reflection of a coaching soul that does not want to settle for mediocrity. His approach is personable and openminded, but he does not shy away from direct discussions that may be required. The culture of our coaching group and team were very favorably impacted, with players and coaches alike enjoying the game, and striving to be the best versions of themselves, for both themselves and the team. I have incorporated many of Tyler's approaches into my own coaching strategies. "Believe, high fives, one hundred percent!"


I've had the pleasure of working closely with Tyler for many years and we developed a very open and honest relationship. Something that really helped me over the years was Tyler's ability to provide feedback, whether through questions, providing support or being direct sometimes. It has really helped me develop my ability to look inward for positive change and choices in my career and personal life.


If you have the opportunity to develop a coaching relationship with Tyler, you won't be disappointed. But, if you're looking for a yes man or someone to tell you what you want to hear, you are barking up the wrong tree. 


It was my great pleasure to have had the opportunity to have my son coached by Tyler. He was Aidan’s coach for 2 years. Tyler possesses the rarest combination of strength and tenacity, along with an injection of vulnerability and authenticity. As a coach, he holds his players and himself accountable for results both on and off the ice. His favourite saying to his players is “show up” and he posts it on the change room door and they talk about what it means before the kids go out on the ice.


I witnessed a huge change in my son during the time he had Tyler as a coach. My son felt very committed to his team and had sense of responsibility to each and every member of his squad. Tyler took an average skilled team and coached them to peak performance at the optimal time. This resulted in the team winning the Calgary South City Hockey Championship. My son has played team sports for 8 years and I can honestly say that Tyler is an elite level coach in both skills development and character development.


Tyler is, hands down, the best coach my son has ever worked with. His coaching style is similar to Ted Lasso, but Tyler has the technical skills to back it all up. If you’re looking for a high-level professional coach, I would strongly recommend Tyler.


I had the pleasure of working with Tyler and can a attest to his exceptional leadership qualities and networking skills. Tyler is a natural team builder who fosters collaboration while motivating others to achieve their best.

Throughout our professional interactions, Tyler consistently demonstrated boundless energy and enthusiasm and led by example.  His ability to build and nurture connections is remarkable and he always goes above and beyond to support colleagues in expanding their networks and forging meaningful relationships.


I was first introduced to Tyler when we coached our children in hockey together. Tyler’s engaging and charismatic personality quickly created a culture of teamwork and support, not only among the players, but also among the coaches. As the head coach, Tyler was instrumental in driving the team strategy and initiatives. The impact of his coaching not only led to a successful season on the ice, but more importantly, in the character development of the players. Years later, his impact resonates with how I interact with players and other coaches. Not surprisingly, we are still in touch today - a testament of the relationships he develops with those around him. 


Tyler is a great coach. He is about process and the results follow. Tyler fosters a culture of accountability and believes we can all be a cause in the matter. He helps athletes with confidence and self-belief, traits they take to the ice and in their lives.


Outcome is a unified team, believing in each other and pursuing a common goal.


Tyler accelerated the growth of our team by implementing sensible tools for success. The approach and execution were fit for purpose and yielded measurable results. I would highly recommend Tyler's services.


Tyler coached my son’s hockey team for two years. I signed on to assistant coach for the second year because of Tyler’s example, and have been coaching ever since thanks to being inspired by his coaching abilities. Tyler brings a rare combination of fun, positive vibes, experience, and knowledge as a coach that really had a noticeable impact on the teams. To this day I strive to emulate Tyler as a coach.


Tyler is a person who lives by his values and takes the time and effort to co-create the values of the teams he coaches. The alignment on values created a unified culture, enabling 18 players & families and 5 coaches to come together quickly, giving the players the opportunity to develop and achieve to the best of their abilities.


The authenticity and transparency Tyler brought to the team made it clear that the coaches and parents #1 focus was about what was best for players individually but more importantly as a team - this is not always the case in minor hockey. If I'm being honest, I had a hard time with some of the values/value that Tyler began the year with. That being said, these standards helped me be a more accountable coach & with Tyler's "check in" opportunities to share feedback (without getting defensive), making changes that allowed the coaches & parents to have more flexibility meeting the values/culture as the season went on.

I consider Tyler a friend and believe he will very successful in his coaching business. I may even end up being a client one day.


Tyler coached my son’s minor hockey team. He emphasized the life-lessons of showing up and being accountable at every practice and game. Tyler’s leadership built camaraderie on the team and the players and parents all rowed in the same direction to a Division Championship.


Tyler truly enjoys motivating and mentoring kids. He encouraged the kids to be their best on and off the ice. He motivated the team as individuals and as team players. He adapted as they went, if the kids weren’t understanding what he was asking of them he would show them other ways so that they would then understand. He knew when the kids needed to have some fun, and when to push them to their potential. He was an asset to building our team up and winning the City Championship Finals!


Tyler is skilled and provides valuable feedback to players. We saw significant improvements in every player in the 2021-2022 season. We started with a lot of challenges to become City Championship finalist. His style of coaching is very focused on motivation, discipline and respect. The teamwork approach was amazing during that season, parents, players and coaches were are pulling in one direction, that made us a winning team at the end when we needed that the most. Tyler was a great instructor but mostly an inspiration mentor for 9-10 year old kids that were just starting their journey in team sports like hockey. I am sure they will bring this positive experience into their life going forward.

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